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San Diego assisted living in our private home setting.
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Welcome to Premier Care, Inc.
Brookside Inn, Avalon Palms and Palisades Inn are San Diego assisted living facilities that provide safe and closely supervised senior assisted living in a private home setting.  Our mission is to maintain a warm, clean, safe and relaxed home-like environment in which seniors can live a quality and secure life. Our homes are beautifully decorated and nicely landscaped. We are located in Clairemont, a bedroom community of San Diego, with easy access to freeways and medical facilities.

We serve a total of six residents in each of our senior assisted living facilities. Both ambulatory and non-ambulatory seniors are welcome. If hospice services become necessary, we have a hospice waiver and work closely with hospice agencies. We also provide dementia care. All meals are home-cooked with special diets provided as necessary.

Prices start at $3,500 and vary depending on the size of room and level of care required. Our agreement is on a month-to-month basis. We do not ask for "administration" or "sign-up" fees, and rates seldom increase.

San Diego Assisted Living in a Home-Like Setting

All rooms for our senior living residences are private and beautifully furnished. Families and seniors are welcome to provide any meaningful personal items, such as favorite photos, pieces of furniture, etc.  
Cleanliness and safety are essential to quality of care. Our caregivers are well trained in proper cleaning and hygiene for our residents. To promote safety, all seniors are closely supervised.  
All residents are treated with dignity and respect. Care is provided on an individualized basis.  
Families and friends are encouraged to visit our comfortable San Diego assisted living homes as often as possible.